Video Words in the News: Prison bank: Text, pdf The English We Speak: Butter up: Text, pdf 6 Minute English: London skyline: Text, pdf. Learn how to use hyphens correctly as we investigate the pop-up phenomenon and review three of the most important tenses in English. Learn English with Follow Me, an English course by the BBC (English Plus).

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    The LanguageLab Library - Basic English English course 30 CD- ROM BBC ENGLISH PLUS INTERACTIVE is the new updated version of Follow. Big English Plus (full 6 leves) Books + Audios Student's Book + Teacher's Book + Audio CD Big English Plus 1 Book + Audio CD. The LanguageLab Library – Basic English English course 30 CD- ROM BBC ENGLISH PLUS INTERACTIVE is the new updated version of Follow.

    You have less difficulty reading and communicating what you like. However, one area that may still remain a problem for you is your listening. Listening can be one of the most difficult tasks for English learners, as it can be hard to get used to so many different accents that exist in the world. The most important thing to do is listen in English as often as possible. To do this, you will need to find different listening resources that are suitable for you. This is where technology can really come in handy. This is a useful tool for anyone trying to improve their listening. It has really helped me improve my listening skills and comprehension. Learn English Listening comes pre-packed with hundreds of different passages that you can listen to and practice along with at your own pace. With a wide variety of topics covering different scenarios, listening to English has never been easier. You can simply download the app onto your device, and start practicing a wide variety of ESL listenings wherever you want. How does it work? You will be able to choose from a range of lessons which are categorised by level. This means you will be able to find the listenings that best suit your level and work your way gradually up to the more advanced level articles and conversations.

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    Sports lovers should definitely try listening to radio stations and podcasts from the popular sports network ESPN. Listen to English Radio Interviews Listening to interviews will increase your understanding because they generally follow an easy question-and-answer pattern.

    Listening to interviews on the radio will help you to learn and practice intonation when asking questions, and also how people respond naturally to questions in English. The BBC also has an archive of interviews with important and interesting people.

    Interviews will also introduce you to fillers words that fill space to give you more thinking time. Write Down Interesting Phrases or Words Do you keep hearing the same words over and over again while listening to the radio?

    Write the words or phrases you hear, and also an example of the context so you can understand how to use them properly. Listen for Patterns to Help You Understand When you listen to weather reports, for example, different reports can sound similar or repetitive. Weather reports will use the the same weather vocabulary and phrases most days, so use this to your advantage.

    Perhaps a radio program has an astrologer on air speaking live talking about the horoscopes of the day at every morning. If you enjoy astrology and horoscopes, tune in at this time every day.

    Curso de Ingles BBC English Plus Interactive

    All online English radio stations have their own website, and you should use them. Definitely go back and listen to a favorite show or segment again, as listening repetition is very important when learning English. Also, some radio stations will post transcripts the written text of the show for fans to go back and read. These will be very beneficial to you, too.

    If you generally know what the radio show is talking about—great! Listen to English-language Podcasts Podcasts are fantastic because you can listen to them any time you want, like while going for a run, driving to work or walking to class.

    Listening to podcasts is convenient, there are endless topics to listen to and most are free! If you want specific information, motivational speeches or talks on special topics, try listening to TED talks.

    English Plus Starter. Teacher's Book

    These talks include famous people such as Bill Gates and also everyday people like you and me. Are you ready to learn English, radio-style?

    You could certainly have the radio playing in the background while you cook dinner, drive or wash dishes. Keeping it enjoyable is really important if you want to maximize your online English radio learning experience.

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