santmingbaliphi.gape: application/pdf Hindi santmingbaliphi.gaher. digitalrepublisher: Digital Library Of India santmingbaliphi.gaher: National. Free download or read online ✅Pratham Pratishruti bangla book from the category of Ashapurna Devi. Portable Document Format (PDF) file size of Pratham. -tive Bengali family of North Kolkata on 8 January , Ashapurna Debi was one of the first female writers who stood out against all odds and claimed her justified place among the Indian authors. Ashapurna Debi's Pratham Pratisruti by. Ashapurna Debi, The First Promise, New.

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    Download Pratham Pratisruti By Ashapurna Devi pdf ebook. Pratham Pratisruti is a Bengali book which is written by Ashapurna Devi. We found a pdf file ebook. - download Pratham Pratishruti book online at best prices in india on Read Pratham Pratishruti book reviews & author details and more at . Read Prothom Protishruti book reviews & author details and more at Prothom Protishruti (Bengali) Paperback – Pratham Pratishruti.

    Chapter Four The whiff of a cool, unexpected breeze started up as the sultry day drew to a close. It cooled the body, but raised a fear too. The season was unpredictable - the end of spring. At the corner of the sky, black clouds veiled half the sky, looking like a rough giant preparing to pounce on the earth. Those who were out in the fields, on the road or near the pond, started speeding up the work at hand, anxiously looking up at the sky every now and then. And echoing in the wind, from one end of the village to another, arose the dim refrain of a nasal call. The pitch rose and fell in stages. Co-me Sundari! Co-me Moongli! Co-me Dhabali! He had had to leave his palki there.

    So I went to the Ray's and heard you'd just left. This is too much! What has happened to Jata's wife that her pulse has gone weak? What a bother! Now tell me, what had happened? His wife said that there wasn't any paan. That was it!

    Pratham Pratishruti (MB) By Ashapurna Devi ✅ Free Download

    His majesty was furious. He gave her a good hard kick on her backside. And she fell on her face in the courtyard How ill-mannered the girl had become! Was this the time to laugh?

    Is this what you've been taught? But Satyabati could walk fast too.

    No matter how sympathetic he felt towards Jata's wife, Ramkali's mind was enraged by Jata's transgression. The wretch was a misfit in a brahmin's house! Without a scratch of learning! An expert at smoking ganja!

    And to top it all, the vulgar habit of wife-beating! The creature's father wasn't like this at all! In fact, it was Ramkali's extraordinary cousin who had dictated to the man all his life. Who could say how he'd hit her? If she really was dead, there'd be no end of trouble. And quite oblivious of Satyabati, Ramkali quickened his pace. Satyabati broke into a run. She was determined not to lose this race.

    Her eyes were transfixed, the froth at the mouth had dried, the hands were stone-cold. There could be no doubt at all, the signs were clear. So she had been moved close to the sacred tulsi in the courtyard soon after she had fallen with the kick. In fact, they'd been quick to bring her out here. The women had gathered, as if swept out of their homes, fearless of the gathering storm. After all, the affair was a colourful one and in the dull theatre of their humdrum lives, there were few opportunities to witness such dramatic scenes.

    For shame!

    What a murderer! And I ask you, why is Jata such a mule? His father was a good man. Don't annoy me so - can't you see what the mother's like!

    Such virtues! What a way to die! One couldn't expect more compassion for a woman, in any case!

    Ashapurna devi pratham pratishruti pdf

    Jata's mother was forced to digest the comments of the neighbours in silence, because today she found herself in a bit of a spot. So she began to wail loudly drowning out all noise, beating her breasts, snivelling and whining.

    What shall I do without my golden Lakshmi! Oh my son! So that was that. There'd be no point in going in now! Who knew what other predicaments were in store for Jata? I am ruined! What a pretty wife had I brought my son! Satya, you go home. They'll have to! Where are they?

    I must see to this. Are you mad! And he looked around to check if anyone was around. Well, now that he was here he could hardly avoid his duty.

    He noticed that there were not many bamboo bushes in this house; he'd have to order some from his garden for the bier. But there was nobody to be seen! Yet so many diverse pitches could be heard keening inside the house! Outside, it was deserted and calm. Fortunately the clouds had disappeared unexpectedly, and the clear skies indicated that there was time yet for darkness to descend. And suddenly, Satyabati did something terribly defiant.

    Please father, give Jatada's wife some medicine. I can't do a thing! It's just out of vanity that I prescribe herbs, feel the pulse and actually cheat people. She took it as a sign of his displeasure. But she felt reckless.

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    She would take whatever was in store for her, even a thrashing! But what if Jatada's wife should live because of her efforts! For one last time, give her some medicine! Jatada's wife will die without treatment! Wasn't that the doctor clearing his throat? Yes, that was right! That tall and handsome man was indeed the doctor. My wretched Jata's lost his wife! He's completely finished her off, has he?

    He bent down and was astonished to find a pulse. So the farce was finally over! And it's not as if just one scene had been cut, the whole play was ruined! Had anybody seen or heard such a mountain being made of a molehill? Jata's wife's conduct was unforgivable! The height of wickedness! How shameful for a woman to have a life-span so intact! She was surely doomed to suffer endlessly - there could be no doubts about that, none at all!

    There she was - stiff as a corpse lying by the sacred tulsi, and now look at her guzzling milk inside the house! Had anybody heard of such a woman? A man would never ever open his eyes a second time once his wife was widowed! What if she's been possessed by a spirit?

    I really have my doubts. I go roaming here and there all by myself - it gives me the creeps! But don't her eyes do look a bit strange?

    Pratham Pratishruti

    What a waste of time! Pretended as if her heart was breaking! Couldn't have imagined it! Actually, her heart must have broken when she saw the daughter-in-law wake up! All her hopes were dashed to the ground! She thought her son had got lucky! And she could just get him married right away, bring in gold and gifts.

    They felt cheated and were annoyed. An aunt-in-law had brought some sindur and alta, hoping to be the first to adorn the corpse of a married woman. Now she had to throw them into the pond. She was livid. And nobody made the effort to find out. In time, she would be known as somebody's mother. She had no need for a name. But they all felt the need to talk about her. Some people wondered if it was fair t condemn the living. And then her uncle-in-law touched her.

    Think of the violation! I was so horrified to see him search for her pulse! I guess he thought she was dead, and purifying rituals would be done before the cremation, anyway. The poor offender was still unconscious. Therefore an ex parte decision was arrived at. Satyabati did not know any of this. She was brimming with happiness from a strange sense of pride.

    What an untruth her father had uttered about not knowing anything about treatment! It was only because Satya had dared to clasp his hand and ask for medicine that the poor woman was alive now! Suppose Satya's husband and inadvertently, a smile played on her lips beat her to death when she was at her in-laws, it would be great! What fun! The whole country would celebrate the feats of her eminent father - Ramkali. As if he was an ordinary man! Permission Authors wishing to include figures, tables, or text passages that have already been published elsewhere are required to obtain permission from the copyright owner s for both the print and online format and to include evidence that such permission has been granted when submitting their papers.

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