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Analysis to foster a more accurate and informed understanding, beyond the conventional Chinese Astrology reading. Available in hardcopy and ebook formats. The Best Online Store For Feng Shui - Over titles of books, resources and other Chinese Metaphysics-related products. Joey Yap's A Song Of Wind & Water . You'll be able to download a compilation ebook here explaining them and how you can identify your own Joey Yap's QiMen Academy Facebook Group.

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Joey Yap Ebook

Free Joey Yap Ebook Find joey yap ebook on Carousell. We have a wide range of joey yap ebook in Books & Stationery in Singapore. Chat to download!. Joey Yap has books on Goodreads with ratings. Joey Yap's most popular book is Bazi - The Destiny Code (Book 1): Your Guide to the Four Pillar of.

Not in Canada? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. This information-packed annual release is your guide in knowing what holds for you from a Relationship, Wealth, Career, and Health perspective. Gain a more personalized insight for each of the 60 Day Pillars Jia Zi , the Twelve Animal Signs outlook, and the analysis on key areas for each month of the year. Be prepared to embrace all the possibilities ahead - as with awareness, comes the power to realize your dreams. No Excuses. Gloria Feldt. How To Becoming a Better Leader. Jimmy Cai. Aaron Z. Build Your Money Muscles: Joan Sotkin.

In Being Happy and Successful series of books and reports, Janet Yung explores the power of personality assessment based on the study of Bazi - The Asian Personality Profiling Sytem, a time-tested Metaphysical Science, to help you understand your approach to work and identify your talents and motivations to become passionate in what you do.

The origin of Bazi can be traced back to some 5, years ago, when it was practised in the Three Kingdoms Period. And this is why life analysis- a process of understanding what fate and destiny has in store for us, is pivotal in helping us make informed decisions about our life. Imperial Harvest is a premium fengshui consultancy based in Singapore. It's destined for BaZi consultants as a helpful tool for BaZi readings.

A collection of translation from classics, Chinese books and analysis. After knowing your own Bazi, it is recommended to discover your yearly Bazi analysis to prepare for the challenges of the new year.

Joey Yap Research Group Sdn Bhd

Apart from professional Feng Shui Consultations and training, he is also a strategist, professional speaker and mentor. Factors such as luck are often indomitable and not within our control. He visited my home again to make sure that I have placed furniture correctly. BAZI calculator is free for everyone. When that is feasible, it's also probable to prepare a time and you can strategize the strategy accordingly.

We strive to re-shape your destiny and help you prosper in your life through the use of authentic fengshui solutions.

You will be meeting Master Kevin Foong to discuss your Bazi.

These advanced calculations are made keeping in mind the opposite energies of Yin and Yang and the five elements of Chinese astrology - wood, water, metal, fire and earth. It lies approximately miles away from the server location Singapore and such a distance cannot critically affect website speed, but moving the server closer to their user base in Malaysia can speed up Bazi.

Dear All, there have been too many requests on Bazi Analysis and I am currently over stretched at work. Will look forward to hearing from you. Book a Free Bazi destiny consultation. By plotting, analyzing and decoding our Bazi, we are able to know what is instore for us in life. Master Irene Toh and Master Dennis Lai and his group of Instructors For the kind of price they charge, you can get yourself an iPad and all the apps I use for my BaZi consultations at a fraction of the price.

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With an in-depth understanding of your destiny, you can take the reins and work towards a successful life! Your true character in Chinese Astrology are mostly coming from your day of birth and not from your animal sign of your year of birth. Know yourself, your passion and motivations to be happy and successful.

Online Tong Shu also shows flying stars feng shui charts and other information useful when preparing BaZi analysis.

If an individual believes in and understands Ba Zi properly, he or she can walk smoothly on their path of life because Ba Zi is an accurate method of foretelling. For a complete analysis of your chart, you should let our qualified consultants do it. Growing Cycle. On 9 March , additional reports were released about Jack Neo having extramarital affairs with up to 11 women.

The cosmic components are represented by five energy phases known as the five Chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

It is a useful tool for us to navigate our life path. However, it takes an expert to interpret the results. A leading Fengshui Masters in Singapore with vast knowledge and experience. BaZi and Qi Men consultation is about providing you with better options to choose from.

Net was the first to introduce many free comprehensive personalised Feng Shui reports. In my family archive, I could find my Bazi analysis written in a big piece of red paper, it was apparently done when I was a baby, with comments handwritten on it by my grandfather. Decode Your Destiny If in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, these sessions are conducted at our private consulting rooms within our offices. Headed by the renowned Master David Goh, we empower clients with auspicious luck and spatial fengshui at every stage of their lives.

The Ba Zi reading and analysis includes the interpretation of the various interactions between the elements, animal signs, stars, structure of chart, profile, destiny and luck pillar. Mapping out time, space, matter and events, this module examines the Horary BaZi system and its unique set of rules when one uses BaZi is a divination tool.

The FSM wrote the analysis in beautiful handwriting, in a poem format, but I never got the chance to get someone to decipher the analysis in depth.

In the traditional astronomical research, he showed great interest in the young age has extraordinary talent and school in Chinese metaphysics.

For example, if you are a salaried worker, after learning Bazi you will be able to understand your overall fortune and how to avoid pitfalls in your life. Each Pillar is explained through a guide on its personality, character, abilities, work approach and its affinity to others in terms of love, acquaintance and family. This book will help you visualize BaZi in a whole new light and elevate your proficiency in BaZi Chart analysis. A thorough and detailed understanding of the Ten Gods is essential for anyone seeking to master BaZi beyond the beginner level.

The ground-breaking The Ten Gods presents a one-of-a-kind reference on this subject in ways never attempted before by any Chinese or English reference books. To advanced, intermediate or even novice students, this collection of knowledge will be one of the most integral points of reference in their study of Destiny Analysis.

This book is the needed companion in your effort to better understand how BaZi structures are devised and read traditionally.

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Along the way, you'll also acquire the skill to analyse and interpret these structures on a deeper level, from the viewpoint of ancient methodology of this highly-precise art. This handy reference also included transliterated versions of traditional texts in keeping up with today's increasing number of English-speaking Chinese Metaphysics enthusiasts. Serious students or practitioners looking to pad up their knowledge on Destiny Code should give this integral reference a try.

The BaZi Hour Pillar Useful Gods Series helps facilitate a better understanding on how each Hour Pillar defines a BaZi Structures, and how to select the Useful Gods and Favourable Elements of a chart - but most importantly it also enhances your knowledge in analysing and interpreting these Structures, based on the perspective of ancient masters of this art.

Each book in this series will focus on the Five Elements and their respective Day Masters. Is it possible for one to apply Feng Shui to their apartment, condominium or high-rise residence?

This question underscores the main theme of this addition to the Homedownloaders' series from Joey Yap. Drawing on his extensive experience as a Feng Shui Consultant and his year of study in Hong Kong - where literally, skyscrapers sprout out like mushrooms - Joey shares with the reader the key methods and techniques employed by professional Feng Shui consultants in assessing Feng Shui in high-rise dwellings.

With the release of this insightful travel account, Joey Yap establishes a platform to share with reader the one-of-a-kind experience of his annual China Excursion Series. With a generous insight into the mysterious and captivating world of ancient China, where the practice of Feng Shui was as integral to daily life as the use of technology is today.

A step back into time, from a Feng Shui perspective. It also provides readers with fascinating insights into the living science of Feng Shui. Rich in descriptive narrative and historical detail, Walking the Dragons: The aquarium has always been regarded as having a close, almost symbolic association with the art of Feng Shui.

Through this handy how-to book, readers can waddle through the subject of Water Feng Shui and understand the role and influence Water played in classical Feng Shui. Also included is a super-easy, Feng-Shui-It-Yourself section on familiarising yourself with the best way to answer the ultimate question above.

An accomplished student of Joey Yap and an experienced Feng Shui consultant and instructor, Sherwin Ng attempts to break away from all bedroom drama, and present a neat and do-it-yourself approach to a balanced and healthy Feng Shui in your bedroom. Joey Yap sweeps away all the nonsensical good luck symbols and auspicious objects as he presents a natural, clean and fuss-free way to tap into the natural Qi available in your dwelling.

With over illustrations and easy techniques that bring about super-fast results, this book is the perfect introduction to Feng Shui for beginners, and a refreshing outtake to those already well-verse on this effective, rewarding art.

This guide contains all the essential Feng Shui information you'll need for Discover the Annual Afflictions for and obtain an all-encompassing view of the Flying Stars that impact your personal abode and workplace. With an analysis for all the 8 basic types of Houses in , this year-long reference also comes with an insightful commentary to personalize your outlook on the Feng Shui of your property for the entire year, making this one of the most comprehensive Feng Shui guide out there.

Although still pretty much a hidden practice that is largely unexplored by modern literature, the significance of Yin House Feng Shui has permeated through the centuries — from the creation of the imperial lineage of emperors in ancient times to the iconic leaders who founded modern China.

This book unveils the true essence of Yin House Feng Shui with its significant applications that are unlike the myths and superstition which have for years, overshadowed the genuine practice. Discover how Yin House Feng Shui — the true precursor to all modern Feng Shui practice can be used to safeguard the future of your descendants and create a lasting legacy. The Xuan Kong Nine Life Stars methodology refers to the People component, which allows you to understand a person from a Feng Shui perspective - how the environment influences a person.

Each book in this series focuses on a particular Life Star and provides you with a detailed Feng Shui guide. This is your basic starting point towards fulfilling and shaping your attitudes toward key aspects in life like career, romance and health.

The Dragon Gate Eight Formations' main theorem refers to the utilising of Water formulas to identify and create locations with superb Feng Shui qualities. With over pages, The Chinese Metaphysics Compendium is by far, the most pivotal guide to everything you need and want to know about Chinese Metaphysics. In fact, it is a compilation of all the essential formulas and applications that govern the study of Chinese Metaphysics known and practiced today.

Definitely an indispensable go-to reference to students and master practitioners alike. Students, teachers and practitioners in need of a handy one-stop reference calendar for Xuan Kong Date Selection, look no further.

This reliable guide is an indispensable source for activities related to Feng Shui, Date Selection and as well as a dependable partner for carrying out Yin House Feng Shui. Presenting to in one trusty package, this reference is as vital and handy as a reference could get. This handy guide compiles all the most frequently-occurring structures within the Xuan Kong Da Gua system for easy reference by teachers, students and practitioners.

Derived from the renowned classical text - Di Li Bian Zhen Earth Study Discern Truth - the structures are presented in an easy-to-understand bilingual format, with all key terms accessible in both Chinese and English.

The Art of Date Selection : Personal Date Selection - Joey Yap - Google книги

This reference material has been designed to provide easy-access for students and practitioners to the time-honoured, ancient secret of Gua Transformation. For teachers, it serves as a useful teaching aid while for serious students, it acts as a perfect companion to these highly-precise techniques.

In Feng Shui, Water is known to govern wealth. This book takes an in-depth study into the five different but well-known classical Water methods under the San He system of Feng Shui.

It includes transliterations and thorough analysis on the ancient texts as well as commentaries and modern interpretations - rare information that is now made accessible and comprehensible for any Feng Shui student or practitioner today. A burial, good or bad, will impact several generations down the line. This book, with its reassessment of the age-old techniques, presents a hands-on guide on the way to set up a tomb using San He Feng Shui. Without breaking loose of the underlying theory, the method and techniques offered inside are adapted to match the modern environment for current application.

Despite its unresolved pedigree, the classical text of Purple White Script has made it to the haloed list of mandatory classics for advanced Xuan Kong studies. This book is the result of well-researched and clearly written dissertation on the Script. And for the first time ever, it is made available to English-speaking readers, making this book a definite must-read for Feng Shui enthusiasts everywhere.

The archaic and cryptic language of this classic text no longer poses a barrier for learners. This translated version provides a concrete bridge for any students and practitioners to enable easy access to the wealth of information hidden within this historic subject.

One of the Four Poems of the ancient times, the classical text of Xuan Ji Fu is now translated with detailed line-by-line commentaries for easy absorption and reading. A definite must-have reference for any serious student or practitioner of Xuan Kong Feng Shui. An essential addition to the library of determined Feng Shui practitioners and students everywhere, this book presents knowledge in Xuan Kong Feng Shui in levels you never dreamt of before.

While many books have been written on the subject of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, most of them were heavy on theories or were presented in a deliberately incomplete manner. The first of the Xuan Kong series, this book is presented in an easy-to-read format and written in a comprehensive all-encompassing manner that provides reader a wealth of Flying Stars methodologies and applications, at their disposal. All thirteen chapters of the original classic have been meticulously transliterated line by line, without losing the accuracy of its original meaning.

Modern day business commentaries based on Joey Yap's personal experiences in business as a successful entrepreneur are also included, taking into account the perspective of Qi Men Dun Jia application in today's context.

This book is intended to advance practitioners to a higher level of understanding on the Art of War, and transform the knowledge into a Tool of War in business and in life. Qi Men Dun Jia is an interesting subject. But mastering it takes time. From plotting out countless Qi Men Charts 1, to be precise to tediously scrutinizing every sector - and repeating this process for every single forecast, Qi Men is energy draining at best.

With this book, Joey Yap has drawn up all the Qi Men Yang Structure Charts and presented every single one of them in an easy-to-understand format, along with description of every sector in a simplified manner. Welcome to Qi Men in the 21st century. With this book, Joey Yap has drawn up all the Qi Men Yin Charts and presented every single one of them in an easy-to-understand format, along with description of every sector in a simplified manner.

Assessing year-long activities or endeavours and analysing world events are made easy with the Qi Men Year Charts. This book is your quick reference to deploy this technique with just a flip of the page — helping you to rapidly assess the potential of the year without the hassle of undergoing the tedious Qi Men chart-plotting process.

Take advantage of the annual positive energy to make every year your best year yet! Plotting a Qi Men Chart is a very complex process. Now, you can assess and deploy the Qi of a specific month to gain the desired outcome of your activity by turning to the right page!

If you're carrying out activities or events that stretch within a day duration, the Qi Men Dun Jia Day Chart is the right deployment for you! Think of this book as a speedy Qi Men deployment system that allows you to rapidly assess the potential of a day without doing any hard work normally associated with Qi Men chart plotting.

Get the most out of Qi Men, and get the most out of your day! In this second instalment on forecasting methods, learn how to divine subjects related to people and their relationships, as well as environment factors.

For the first time, you will be able to access the knowledge of the secretive Fa Qi Men school of Qi Men Dun Jia through this comprehensive guide on the subject. Exercise your creative thinking and judgement while interpreting the cryptic signs of Qi Men Evidential Occurrences.

But in this book, the entire system is simplified to create a "look-up-and-refer" style format where you can immediately dive down to the core of analyzing a Qi Men Destiny Chart - hassle-free.

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Whether it is on Personality, Career, Business, Relationship, Family, Health and Academic Pursuits - this book contains all the necessary information that helps to unravel the burning questions about your future. Under the Feng Shui branch of Qi Men application, this system enables the practitioner to determine the House Qi influences has on an occupant using a particular sector in the house, in relation to various scenarios in life. No tedious House chart-plotting required.

No time wasted. Simply "look-up-and-refer" to get into your Feng Shui assessment in an instant! To be able to select the right moment for the right activity was a key to winning during the war-torn era in the past.

This principle still holds true even until today. Joey Yap has shortened the traditionally tedious and time-consuming process of Qi Men by summarizing the most crucial part of Qi Men Date, Time and Activity Selection in this book. Know the right hour to apply for a job, and the right hour to ask for a favour - all by a simple flip of pages.

Written with a "look-up-and-refer" style format, the Qi Men Annual Destiny Analysis is a simplified, easy-to-use reference for performing an instant Annual Destiny Assessment reading. Therefore, you can immediately dive down to the core of analyzing a Qi Men Destiny Chart - in a no-hassle way. Joey Yap has put together an essential reference for performing an accurate and instantaneous Strategic Execution with the help of the Qi Men Heavenly Stem Formations.

With this book, know which strategy to take at any given time and get ahead to obtain the most desired results in life. Packed with concise information and easy-to-refer table and guide, this systematic reference is all you need to engineer a successful outcome for all important life pursuits Available in hardcopy and ebook formats.

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